I always wanted to visit the largest religious monument of the world – Angkor Wat – which is located in Cambodia. I visited the country in April, 2016. When I was planning for the trip, I came across many other interesting places to explore in Cambodia. I gathered interest in the haunting and heart-breaking history of the capital. I loved the idea of visiting few of the pristine beaches the country has. These are less touristy places, and hence more beautiful and relaxing.

The country is bordered by Laos to the north, Vietnam to the east, Thailand to the northwest, and Gulf of Thailand to the southwest.

The most popular and touristy region of Cambodia is its north-western area. Angkor Archaeological Park is located here, along with the beautiful Siem Reap. Siem Reap is the gateway to the ruins of Angkor – and Tonle Sap Lake – the freshwater lake connecting to the Mekong river.

The Mekong lowlands and central plains of Cambodia also experience visitors because of the capital city – Phnom Penh. It has its dark and painful history of Cambodia genocide. The cruise on Mekong river is a must.

You should also not miss spending few days in the cardamon and elephant mountains. It consists of western mountain ranges, gulf coast beaches like Sihanoukville, and white sand islands, like Koh Rong.

The least touristy region is the eastern area that consists of national parks east of the Mekong river and other remote rural areas.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Cambodia?

The weather system of Cambodia is very simple. It is not spread out much across the latitudes. There are two clear seasons – dry season during October-April and wet season during May-September. The dry season is usually cooler during October-February. But it gets very humid and warm during March-April. You can still manage to visit the country any time of the year. But it is best to visit anytime during October-February and avoid during the highest rainfall months of July, August, and mid-September.

How to Plan Your Cambodia Vacation?

Visit my blog posts on Cambodia. They will surely help you plan your vacation.

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