Day 1 – Classic Accommodation in the Rajbari

Spending a weekend in the Rajbari Bawali where once the Zamindars of Bengal, India led lives of wealth and privilege sounds interesting. The Zamindars, also called as Nawabs or Thakurs, were elite people who lived in finest luxury. Their lives were an unique fusion of battles, conspiracy, art, love, music, literature, dance, and also business.┬áThe Rajbari, meaning a mansion or palace, at Bawali, near Kolkata – the former capital of India. It dates back to more than 250 years ago, which ruined after India’s independence in 1947.┬áBut lately, this almost dilapidated mansion has been restored to a heritage hotel and now open to guests. I and Richie had a wonderful time spent over the weekend in the lap of history, in a world away in time.

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