Hi, I am Shreya!

In a paragraph, I am a vegan soul traveling the world and spreading love. I enjoy power yoga. I am a nomad by choice. I believe in living the day to the fullest and experiencing all that can be. I derive my energy from the sun. I dream of having a camper van someday and want to travel the world in the van.

Want to Know More About Me?

Currently, I am teaching in Thailand, and enjoying my role as a teacher every bit. I love my job, and I love my students.

I am an Indian native. I spent the first 17 years of my life in my hometown, Kolkata. Then I moved out of home and did graduation and post-graduation from two different cities. Not that Kolkata does not have great universities, but it was too long for me to be in one city – I realized that at a very young age that I love to keep moving around.

I also did a 9-5 job as a scientific editor for 4 years. During all this time, one thing that kept me motivating were multiple short-term vacations when I visited various places of India, and neighboring countries like Nepal and Bhutan as well.

It was May, 2014 when I decided to visit Thailand with my friends as a backpacker, and it brought a great change in my life. I fell in love with South-East Asia instantly. When I went back to India, my wish to travel more became stronger.

Bangkok has a good air connectivity with many South-East Asian countries, and I just decided to be in Thailand for the coming few years so I get to travel nearby countries, while I get to teach my favorite subjects – Biology and Chemistry – to high school students. I am in Thailand since April, 2015. Whenever I get holidays, you won’t find me at my home – I can bet!

Also, I am a vegan since July 2015, so I have become better in suggesting where to find vegetarian/vegan food when you are traveling across the places where I have already been – that’s an advantage for you if you are a vegetarian/vegan.

In addition to all these, the most happening thing going on right now in my life is Travel•Love•Repeat – I am a co-founder of this vibe-driven travel company. We save you from the inconveniences faced while traveling abroad with a traditional travel house. We are focused on cheap and affordable travel, which is totally curated and personalized according to your taste and needs. Your convenience and comfort is always on the top of our priority. Having traveled lots ourselves, we understand the main pain points in any travel. Our overheads are minimum and our investments are only to bring the best experiences for you. We provide you the best of both worlds.